Did You Know?
Hours of Therapy
A special needs child could receive multiple hours of therapy each day across various disciplines and these therapies are crucial to his/her success.
Costly Therapy
Therapies can cost $100s and they are not always covered by insurance, leaving the financial burden on the families.
4x Cost
The cost of raising a special needs child can be quadruple that of a typical child.
Financial Burden
A recent national U.S. study reported that 40% of families of children with special health care needs experience a financial burden due to their child's condition.
Depression & Anxiety
Studies show that parents of special needs children experience depression and anxiety far more often than other parents, and these mental health challenges can contribute to physical health problems.
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I want to help make vacations more of a reality for special needs families. I know how important this is being a special needs mom myself.
Wendi Hoffer
Founder and Executive Director

Our Mission

Enriching Escapes' mission is to improve the quality of life, mental health, and development of special needs children and their families by making guilt-free opportunities to relax and recharge possible.

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